Carston And Tiffany Taylor

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its coming so soon!

I can not believe how quick me and Carston will be married! It is crazy! 22 DAYS!!!!!! Can you believe it! I feel like it is coming so slow but at the same time it is coming so fast! I need more time to do everything! But guess what??? My dress is pretty much done!!!!! Im so excited! I LOVE my dress. My grandma did the most amazing job! You wouldn't even know that she made it. I looks like I went to a dress store and just bought it, I didn't though my wonderful grandma made it. But to make this even that much more crazy my grandma has been making my cousins wedding dress for her wedding two weeks after mine so she has been mega busy.THANKS grandma for all your hard work! Love you! I'll try to write more on my blog after im married so we'll see what happens

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